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Business Blogging: 7 ways to lead sales via Blogging

Business Blogging: 7 ways to lead sales via Blogging

Blogging Definition:It is a frequent sharing of thoughts in a sequential manner in particular field or area of interest.

The word “Blog” is an abbreviated term used for “Weblog”. It describes the information on the website which is further maintained in a chronological order. It usually acquaints a person with ongoing events or anything worth sharing with general people.

Following are the listed few ways that help to gain traffic on your website through Blogs:

1. Improves SEO of website:Blogging helps to improve the traffic in an incredible way. There are various ways from SEO point of view which will help to drive traffic to your website:

SEO Keywords: These are the words which target audience use to find the similar products. Therefore, it is important to choose keywords carefully because they going to affect the search results. The keywords selected should be relevant to the product or service.

For example, if you have a showroom of designer clothes, then you must choose the suitable keywords like “Designer Clothing”, “Western Wear Dress”, “Barbie Gown” and so on. Hence, when a person will search something similar, your website is displayed in the results along with other related products and websites.

2.Social Sharing: Use social media sharing options on each blog. By adding these buttons you are facilitating the ease of sharing with the visitors. Due to this, a user can easily click on Share Button and share that good piece of information with many more on social media. It will ultimately pull more traffic to your website.

Blogging SEO

Blogging helps in SEO

3. Building trust among readers: Blogging is the best way to engage with your customers. Moreover, You can maintain a direct contact with users through enabled commenting and get their views. Also, you can get a direct criticizm and make the needed  changes. Furthermore, you can ask the required questions in the comments section and get their reviews. This ultimately helps to improve your service and customer relation as well.

4. Connect with visiting customers: Blogs offers a much convenient way to connect with the potential customers and get more leads. It looks much more effective when a person receives a direct reply from the supplier. Therefore, it helps to build trust resulting in more leads for your business. Moreover, blogging gives a feel of corporate standard and vision to your organization.

5. Increase website traffic: Attractive content attracts people. So, if your blog offers something interesting and unique to read, automatically you will have more traffic on your website.

For example, you owe a Fancy Shoe Store, so in such a case if you add blogs on your website of celebrities wearing the same shoes, you cannot even imagine how much of huge traffic you will have on your website!!! We all know how much affect Celebrity Fashion has on us.

Blogging Story

Sharing Blogs

5. Create opportunity for sharing: By writing blogs on your website you are giving an opportunity to visiting customers to share your blog with their contacts, either on social media, through email or by directly sending links. Furthermore, through this sharing you will get more traffic on your website. Hence, once the customer visits your website, there is possibility the might like to explore for more products and might also buy.




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