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Cyber Security : 9 Wayouts to Safe Browsing

Cyber Security : 9 Wayouts to Safe Browsing

Cyber Security: Internet Security is the Buzz Word today. Of course, it is something important to consider. These days internet scams are also increasing, so it is debatable topic. However, Internet Security means your sensitive information is secure and not used for wrong purpose. Cyber Security basically offers browser security.

Although, internet has altered our life in numerous ways, it has s dark side too. As the use of internet is increasing, the personal privacy is decreasing. Information related to a person is quite vulnerable. This sensitive information is on verge for using it purpose which is unknown to authenticated user.

Below listed are few ways to keep your sensitive information safe on Internet:

1) Password Security: The foremost way to protect your accounts is to keep strong passwords. Always keep a password which is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Use special symbols in passwords  to make it even stronger and hard to crack.

2) Encryption: Before making any financial transaction, make sure that website is encrypted. Look for the two things to ensure encryption: 1) “s” at the end of  ‘http’ in the address bar ; 2) a Lock symbol will also appear on the right side of ‘https’ . These two signs reveal that website is encrypted. This keeps your sensitive information like card details, phone number, email address, house address hidden from rest of the users on internet. Hence, it keeps your information safe.

3) Limit your information on Social Media Profile: Do not add all of your personal information on your social media accounts. The more share your information on social accounts, more vulnerable your information will be. So, the restrict the information you share on social accounts.

4) Using Private browsing: You can also use private browsing, it will delete temporary internet files, browsing data, cookies when the browser is closed.

Private Browsing

5)  Set-up Alerts: Do not forget to set-up alerts for your email accounts and social media accounts as well. Understand the importance of Alerts and make them active on your accounts for security. On the contrary, if you won’t activate alerts someone might use your account and you will not come to know and your account might be hacked.

6) Use your Debit/ Credit Cards information carefully: While using your credit/ debit cards in online shopping, use it carefully. Always clear ‘Cache Data’ of that App after making any transaction.After clearing,the Hacker will not be able to track the sensitive information from your phone. In addition, using desktop clear also clear cache data of the browser.

7) Don’t share your passwords: Never ever share your passwords with anyone. Also, never keep the same passwords on all of the websites and social media accounts. Moreover, try not to include your ‘First Name’ in password, because it makes the pass code easy to guess and crack the password. If you notice any unusual activity in your account, don’t ignore it. In such a case take the needed action like ‘Report’.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security : Social Media Security

8) Keeping your network secure: Always keep your network protected. You must keep your router protected with strong password. Also, don’t share your passwords with some random people. Moreover, if your network is not password protected anyone can access your network, even the hacker. Therefore, the hacker can steal in information from network. You should also enable encryption feature for added protection.

9) Learn more about Internet Scams: Learning more about Internet scams and Cyber Crime will make you aware about Frauds. Due to which, you will use your personal information carefully on the internet. Also, you keep in mind various measures to safeguard your information.



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