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Email Marketing: Importance and Effective Ways

Email Marketing: Importance and Effective Ways

Email Marketing: It is the way to promote your goods and services through the email. Email marketing is a good way to reach your potential customers and to develop good relations with them. Also, it is one of the ways of Internet Marketing. It comprises of marketing done through social media, websites, blog and many more.

email marketing

Email Marketing

Importance: An email is a major part of the life of a professional or any individual. In today’s time, you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t have an email id.  Moreover, according to a survey, more than 4 billion people worldwide use the email address.

Therefore, this gives a good opportunity to every kind of business to reach their potential customers through email. These days everyone has swift access to emails as well as messages. So, it is very easy to see them and keep an eye on them according to your needs.

Email marketing is good till you are doing it the right way.

Following are a few effective ways for Email Marketing:

1. Selection of good Email provider: There are a number of email service providers to choose from. Everyone has their own benefits and pitfalls depending upon the purpose.

They come with automation tools, list building features, customizable email templates and many more similar services to help you out with the marketing strategy through email. However, you might need to explore them a bit to check which service provider is best for you.

2. Good testing and tracking tools:  Once you create a meaningful/useful email, it’s time to use it for an intended purpose. A tool called Visual Website Optimiser offers a number of free of cost services for marketers for testing and tracking.

3. Building Subscriber List: It’s extremely good to maintain a complete list of emails of your clients. Focus must be to grow that list always. Hence, it will make things easy for you. For example, you want to reach a particular customer or also from marketing point of view. Get the subscription page on your homepage and blog page.This way, also you can keep the track of visiting customers.

email marketing -2

Email Marketing

4. Clean and Crisp Look of Email: Make sure your email is focused on the intended content and easy to read. Give a personal touch to email like ‘Hi Caira!’ That is the name of the person receiving the email. Keep some catchy titles so that it become irresistible to ignore the email. Also, keep the length of paragraphs short and use simple vocabulary.

5. Include interesting links: Adding some interesting links to the website will also force the email readers in a positive way to explore the email in a proper way. So, try adding some useful interesting on your email. In addition, few images can also be added to improve the first look of email say, a good banner image.

6. Make it easy to Unsubscribe: Although, it may seem that you are blocking the conversation with the customers by giving them the option to unsubscribe your mailing list.If the user wants to remove himself/herself then let them do, else they will report you spam causing more problem to you.

7. Make emails mobile friendly: Most of the emails today are accessed on Mobile Phones. Hence, it is of utmost importance that your emails must be Mobile Friendly. If they are not, you might lose a huge number of clicks. So, try to make it Mobile friendly.

8. Progressive testing: Do a lot of testing to make sure it’s working. Never send anything without testing. Always check that the email looks like and conveys the exact message to the customer.



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