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InizTechHub: eCommerce Security

InizTechHub: eCommerce Security

 eCommerce security basics: The term eCommerce security refers to the set of rules that ensure safe online transactions. Firm security requirements must be in place to protect customer as well as business transactions from malicious activities. Cyber security threats mainly include account hacking, credit card frauds, data errors and many more.

Therefore, eCommerce security or cyber security focuses to restrain such activities. Successful business depends upon customers’ trust that a company provides complete safety of transactions.

Payment Gateway basics: Payment gateway is basically an eCommerce service that processes your debit cards or credit cards. These gateways support transactions between payment portals and web enabled payments devices like mobile phones. They also provide similar features in websites and facilitates payment services.

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Shopping through Smart Card

Furthermore, the payment processor analyses the information and facilitates transactions. These gateways authorize the credentials and transfer funds between buyer and seller.

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In addition, below listed are the main two threats to eCommerce websites:

1) Phishing: In this attack the attacker steals sensitive information of a genuine user. Therefore, It mainly includes USERNAME and PASSWORD and pretends to be an authenticated user to do a fraud.

2) Plastic Money Deception: Plastic Money mainly includes credit/ debit cards. the attacker steals the card information using Malware. After that, an attempt is made to withdraw the amount as much as possible through eCommerce transaction.

eCommerce security

eCommerce Security: Best Practices

    1. Multi-Layer Security: The best way to protect your eCommerce transaction is to keep it in multiple layers. Furthermore, make sure that platform has required security checks on application level like when entering some personal information. For example, filling up of customer contact form or Card details.
    2. Keep an eye on all transactions: Make sure that your hosting server and you are aware to all the transactions. Hence, you will be able to catch any suspicious attempt. Set up reasonable flags to check the validity of data entered.
    3.  Schedule Regular PCI Scans and Updates: Your PCI scan system must be regularly updated to avoid any unauthorized access on website. Keep automatic updates ON to and prevents any new malwares or probable vulnerabilities.
    4. Using Address Verification System: For safe debit card and credit card transactions, use Address Verification System. Compare the billing address with that of debit card/ credit card. This method is likely to differentiate between genuine transactions and fraudulent transactions
    5. CVV Authentication: CVV is Card Verification Value. It is a three or four digit code written on the backside of card. It is usually asked while doing online transactions. CVV number makes transaction more secure.Moreover, it reduces the chance of frauds.

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      CVV Number on Card

    6. Use stronger Passwords: Always use a strong combination password. Never use a password which is easy to guess. In addition, try not to include your name, mobile number, house address in passwords. Such things are quite easy to guess. Use special characters, numbers, block letters and many more for secure passwords.
    7. SSL Certificates: These certificates validate the identity of your business. Hence, this keeps your transactions protected. Finally, helps to build the trust of customers.

      ecommerce security

      Secure Website

      8. PCI compliant equipped hosting server: For a website to be PCI compliant, an eCommerce platform needs to strictly follow the set of protocols which guarantee the secure payments via debit card or credit card.For instance, anti-malware, risk analysis, overall monitoring and many more.

      9.Strong Platform to Protect Against DoS/  DDoS attacks: Most of the websites do not have sufficient bandwidth to provide protection against DoS / DDoS attacks. However, an eCommerce website must provide protection against these attacks.


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