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InizTechHub: Why Business Needs a Mobile App

InizTechHub: Why Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile App : Today I want to discuss about the reasons why your business needs a mobile app. Today more and more people are moving towards online business, eCommerce apps, online payment systems and many more.

However, still there are many businesses and startups not having websites or mobile apps for their business. Mobile apps and websites makes a remarkable difference in your clientele. Moreover, it helps you to reach potential customers within limited time frame.

One can imagine well the power of internet and social media. Especially, internet marketing helps you to get more customers from around the world. In addition, your product reaches more people. Internet marketing helps you to get more customers from varied regions plus your product will reach more people.

Furthermore, mobile app helps to improve your sales by facilitating quick purchase and checkout.

Following are the reasons why your business needs a mobile app:

1.Brand Building

Mobile apps change the traditional method of selling goods. The time business owners wait for the customer to come to their store or shop. It helps to reach more people therefore improving your brand name. Also, with online marketing you don’t have to convince customer to buy a particular product.

Therefore it saves time too, for both the parties, i.e. the buyer as well as the seller.

2.Less Effort more customers

Foremost advantage of having your app is, minimal efforts to get more customers. Apps provide various features: product information, cost, schemes and many more. All the things are at finger tips. So, it enhances customer engagement.

mobile app -1

Mobile App

Moreover, customers can shop anytime via mobile app. So, it also facilitates 24×7 availability.

3. Easy Marketing

Your customers always need an easy way to reach you. It matters least whether you are selling some goods or some services. There must be quick way to reach you. Therefore a mobile app acts as a medium of communication also between buyer and seller.

4. Direct Conversation with Clients

App gives a your business a feel of continuous presence. Hence, a client feels comfortable enough that all the needed services are just a finger touch away. This plays an important role in building permanent client as well as business partners or B2B relations.

mobile app -2

It also helps to cultivate loyalty in seller-buyer relationship which is a foundation for permanent clientele.

5. Feedback

Mobile Apps are very simple to use and interactive in nature. Usually, a particular section is assigned for receiving feedback and ratings. Therefore, it is easy for customer to review the quality of services received and rate it.

In addition, it is helpful on the part of seller also. The seller can improve the services on the basis of positive and negative feed backs received by the client.

mobile app -4

Reviews and Ratings

6.Stand out from competition

We want you to stand out of crowd! Really! Having a “responsive website” and a “mobile app” can actually make difference for your business. eCommerce app or website will not only improve your clientele but will also improve your sales and will help in building trust of customers. Ultimately, it will make you stand out of crowd.

mobile app -5

7.Increase sales

An App will facilitate quick checkout and purchase. Also, with secure payment gateway it is reliable to make online payments. Hence, overall sales will improve. Moreover, apps offer convenient purchasing options like price, color, size and some other filters which make the process easy and simple.




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