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Internships: 7 Tips for Intern Success

Internships: 7 Tips for Intern Success

Internship plays an important role in setting up foundation for your career. Internship gives you an opportunity to showcase your existing talent and learn new skills to impress future employers. Internship is a good way to use vacation time wisely. In addition, it will enhance your knowledge in your chosen field. Good to know! You can also make up little money to enjoy so it will be a win-win situation.

So, how can you make most of the opportunity? We had a conversation with few experts who work with interns and enlisted few points to help you out for your internship period.

Use these tips to make your internship period a valuable experience and ensure intern success:

  • Be easy to work with: First of all, be an easy going person, so everyone feels comfortable to approach you and discuss anything regarding work with you. Accept the assignments and ask for more work when you are done with the previous one. Moreover, listen carefully to the instructions and ask for the clarification if needed. Do a quality work and prove to be an asset for organization.
  • Exhibit cordial relations with your co-workers: Stay calm. Be soft in your behavior with your coworkers. Be polite, humble and helping. It’s good to talk with your coworkers but stay away from gossip and make your whatever you are talking about is good enough to speak publicly.
  • Focus on communication skills: Most noteworthy, you must focus on your communication skills both written and verbal. While communicating with your coworkers, be clear in your words, and maintain respect.
  • Show up to work on time, when expected: You must be on work on time. Don’t be late or sick too often. Inform, if you are coming late due to some reason. Informing on time shows your responsible behavior.
  • First impression: First impression definitely matters, so make it a good one! You should have a good dressing sense, smell good, and adopt healthy hygiene habits. Shake hands, make eye contacts, greet with a humble smile. Be confident and friendly.
  • Read Journals, Newspapers and Magazines: Keep your knowledge updated by reading some good journals, magazines and many other sources. Learn more about your employer and about industry in general.
  • Ask questions: Clarify your doubts by asking questions while on internship. Keep your head out of any confusion so that you can focus well on productive things.


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