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How to Make your Apps Rank High on Google Play Store

How to Make your Apps Rank High on Google Play Store

Make android app rank high on Google Play Store: There are huge number of Apps on Play Store of count around 3.5 million. Developing an android app is one thing, its optimization is important too. Developing a mobile app is only a first step. In order to make it reach huge crowd it needs to be optimized first.

Getting downloads on an android app is quite easy, if app is ranked higher in play store. You need to get your app approved before it is live on Play Store. Furthermore, get users to download it.

The question is how to improve the ranking for your app to look at top position? Well, it pretty well known to all of us that Google Play algorithm or ranking are bit more sophisticated.

There is one more interesting thing to note about Google Play Store. You might have noticed no app stays on the same position for 7 days of a week. A few number of apps say 5 apps maintain the top five positions.

# Categorize well: Find the best category for your app. Make sure to put it the suitable category. Glance at existing apps like your and optimize accordingly. New or less trendy categories are likely to give higher rank fast.

Optimal app placement will yield higher rank sooner. Due to the fact these categories have lower review rate and download count at the time of writing.


# App Rating: App rating is always an influencing factor to determine rank of an app. Rating affects rank in play store and search. Reviews and rating play an important role to make android app rank high on Google Play Store.

Furthermore, it is bit difficult to maintain the rating of an app above average “4.0 to 5.0”.

#Installs in a Day: More number of installs will definitely improve your ranking. Moreover, it will drive organic traffic. More the number of installs better the ranking.

Reaching the high volumes will help to attain those heights of ranking.


Google play store gets keyword for an app from the given description. The space provided is of 4000 characters, so there is enough room for words, to describe about the android app. The keywords mentioned in description itself allow app to rank higher.

However, whereas the Google play store allows 30 characters in the app name field, on the contrary apple allows 255 characters in the app name field.

Make your Android Apps Rank High on Google Play Store

Hence, you need to choose the name of your android app wisely.

#Launch Window:

New android apps are easily featured on Google Play store as compared to older apps. Most noteworthy, logic is pretty clear; users are more interested in trying new apps and games.

It can be seen as Play store’s algorithm giving new apps a chance to see if users actually like it or not. Similarly, the apps which are on play store for a month or moth will have difficulty to rank in top, unless presentation is very good.

Therefore,various factors are considered like App title, description text and social elements.


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