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Mobile App Design ColorBlast Scheme

Mobile App Design ColorBlast Scheme

Colors in Mobile App Design:  An attractive UI hold a remarkable position for customer satisfaction. This blog  explains the importance of good color scheme in mobile app design. Therefore, good color scheme is essential for ultimate user experience.After all, colors affect the look and feel of an app.

While designing a new app from scratch, it is difficult to determine the color combinations. The color scheme must match the genre of app.

For example, in a tourism website shades of blues and greens would be more suitable. For food and drinks genre shades of reds’ and oranges’ are good. Color scheme must be unique and match to the genre.

However, choosing color scheme is not that easy because you need to choose  many things. These may include primary color, style, icon, logo and many more to the select color scheme.

Impact of colors on mobile app design:

Color of Icon: The color of the icon is chosen according to its type. So, here your use your knowledge to mix match the strokes of colors. Keep in mind the category of app and chose the best possible color combination. For example, emergency calling app may have RED  icon color. You need to be very selective in choosing accurate colors.

A bad color combination may result in less number of downloads to the app. On the contrary, attractive color combo will catch more eyes on it.

Choosing right color scheme: Choosing a right color scheme is a challenging job in itself. For an attractive UI, choose the simple colors which are soothing to eyes. Go with two or maximum three colors.Moreover, you can take the help you color selection wheel for better choice.

mobile app design -1

With color selection wheel you can try different combinations on basis of your constraints like brand and other criteria.

Types of Color Scheme Used :

Monochromatic: Monochromatic is one of the simplest color scheme. As the name suggest, it comprises of mainly single color with hues and tints of same color. Hence, it gives simple yet sober look to app.

One can also create new color combos with this scheme, according to the design requirements of an app. For example. shades of pink and purple to give  soothing effect.

Analogous: In this type of color scheme one color is the primary or dominant color and other colors are just used to enhance the appearance. In this, basically hues of three colors are used which are of similar shade.

Therefore, the challenge here is to choose single sophisticated color for app.

Complementary: In complementary color scheme, as name explains, to contrast colors are chosen to catch the eye of user. The main purpose here is to gain the focus of user. For example, for some food ordering app, the combination of  orange and white will be good. the white color will enhance the look of app, with orange as base color.

The challenge here is that, the chosen combination should not look over bright.

Custom Colors: While using custom color scheme, us the color wheel carefully.  Try using only one or two base colors to give  an elegant look to app according to the category.



mobile app design -3

Custom Colors

Compound Colors:It is also known as split-complementary scheme. It combines one base color and few analogous colors. It is almost similar to contrast color scheme but it’s not that much visually attractive.
Color Shades:It is a bit challenging to choose color shades, because they must complement the base color. The main objective here is to make UI look more attractive. It may also highlight few important features of app. For example, Contact Information.

Choosing Contrast Colors:  Choose the contrasting colors in a way that it enhances the readability and gives a soothing touch to mobile app design. the simple chart given here demonstrates the color combinations which are  BEST, FAIR and POOR.

For Visually Impaired People:Visually impaired people are usually blind to base colors like RED, BLUE, GREEN so you can mix match the hues of colors. So you can  splash the hues of basic colors to some mixed tones, so that they are visible to visually impaired too.


Hence, to summarize it is true to say that color plays an important role for a good mobile app design. Therefore, it is important to select colors in an intelligent manner. Good color combo is way to differentiate your app among thousands of similar apps.


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