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Importance of Responsive Web Design

Importance of Responsive Web Design

A“responsive web design” is a most important aspect to be considered while developing a website or a mobile application. Modern world is a world of smartphones, tablets and many other smart devices. So, a responsive website is just indispensable. Every client needs a user friendly and device friendly website or mobile application. As the use of mobile phones is rapidly increasing, so is the need of device friendly designs.
In fact, it is one of the measures to get client satisfaction. If the design is good and responsive enough, it will make clients happy and ultimately adding to your quality work and successful track record. Hence, a good quality product will enhance your brand value.

Understanding Responsive Web Design

To be very concise, the ultimate goal of “responsive web design” is to facilitate optimization of all the components of website in ‘n’ sized screen in a best way so as to avoid unnecessary scrolling, moving, zooming, touching screen again and again to view various elements contained in website. It allows easy navigation to pages, giving ultimate user experience.
This technique is quite common because, due to the responsive web design, the need of designing different websites/ mobile apps for various screen sizes has been eliminated and of course it saves lot of time and money. In addition, single design is optimized to scale according to multiple screen sizes.

Below listed are few reasonable grounds explaining the need of responsive web design:

1.Mounted up Mobile usage
In recent surveys, it is proved that the usage of mobile phones has shoot up, overtaking the use of desktop computers.

2.Excelled User experience and improved communication due to improved user experience
Research says that device friendly websites/ mobile apps make customers happy. It also improves the click rate by 22-25% with responsive website as compared to mobile versions or nay other versions.

3.Reduced Maintenance
Prior to responsive design there were only 2 options:
1. Creating a desktop site that would look small and least inconvenient on mobile devices.
2. Creating a separate dedicated mobile friendly website which would work on the mobile device browser.These options were good at that time. But they incurred more cost, time and energy, on the top of that, it was difficult to maintain. If changes are made to one version, simultaneous changes will be made in another version also, which is very tedious job itself and less productive.
Responsive design has vanished the clumsiness, making management quite easy. A single version of website is accessible on the device variants inclusive mobile, tablets, iPad or a laptop.

Furthermore, updating websites is easy, as only one versions is updated now.

Responsive Web Design

4.Preference in SEO
A responsive web design is suitable for SEO by search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo and many more. Google recommends and promotes Responsive website design. Research has shown that Responsive websites yield better performance and load within a few seconds making it quick for users to share link to content with a single URL. This is the foremost advantage that SEO prefers Responsive design because these sites have one URL and the similar HTML, which makes id efficient for Google to index, crawl and organize content from just single URL.

5.Decreased bounce rate due to improved User Experience
High bounce rate is negative sign by search engines and there are many factors contributing to high bounce rate with a significant reason being a non-responsive design.
So, in order to reduce the website, responsive design is important. It will offer a good view to user with minimal scrolling on screen, thus keeping the user on the website for maximum possible period of time.

6.Diminished page loading speed
Page loading speed is deciding factor when it comes to Search engine ranking. So responsiveness of design will definitely help Google to easily index all the content.

Faster loading web pages are good from SEO point of view.

The Future is Mobile

7)With the increased use of mobile phones, it is important to deliver a mobile-friendly website to audience. Hence, there is no second thought in saying that responsive website is paramount for attracting and maintaining good client base.

To recapitulate, it is true to say that responsive website is vital part of online marketing. It is important for search engines too. Website is accessed from multiple devices of different sizes giving utmost user experience.
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