Ten Years


Iniz Process

Agile Project Management

We at Iniz Solutions, follows the Agile Methodology to develop any web application. Software Development approach is unpredictable so small phases, regular testing and client feedback makes it more flexible to have less defects and to minimize the risk.

Working agile means we can easily change and adapt to the fast paced Drupal environment. Agile means we create better websites. Rather than specifying the system’s behaviour we create websites base on the user journey. We plan, design, implement, release and work Agile. Every project, follows a defined process to ensure delivery is on time and on budget. Our process encompasses a Scrum Master to manage aspects of the project lifecycle from concept development and documentation of requirements, through development, implementation and on-going support. An agile approach enables us to deliver high quality Drupal solutions, on time and on budget.

Agile Development Methodology

  • Brainstorm
  • Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Deliverd to Client
  • Next Iteration

Agile Development Methodology

Benefits of Agile:

  • Early release, better stakeholders’ feedback.
  • Review the project priorities and make changes to the requirements, functionalities, estimations, plans, and resources, as required.
  • Improves stakeholders’ confidence and reduce uncertainties.
  • Useful to clarify requirements when there are uncertain scopes or changing requirements.
  • Constant feedback reduces the project risk.